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You can find all the games I’ve designed and developed here, as well as any other news or happenings around my involvement in games.

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List of games in journalism or of serious substance

This directory is a resource for people who are interested in seeing examples of game mechanics in journalism, as well as games designed to explore more “serious” issues.

Alpha Trump

Web Game, Satire, Construct 2

My first web game developed with Construct 2, this game is a play on the “Trump Handshake”: basically how Trump tries to out Alpha people he meets with his handshake.

Parachute Kids Game

Web Game, Unity, The Hechinger Report

An award-winning web game built with Unity to accompany a story exploring “parachute kids,” young kids who move to the US from other countries, typically China or Taiwan, with little to no supervision in order to get an American education. Do you have what it takes to get into a prestigious American university?

Gimme Props! 2016

Web Game, Slides, 2016 Election

An mobile-friendly interactive ballot measure guide for the lazy. Uses a conversational tone and quiz mechanics to help inform voters about California’s ballot measures in the 2016 election and give them direction on their positions based on how they answer.

The Candidate

Web Game, Javascript, Google-AP Scholarship

My first attempt at an actual web game. Received a Google-AP Scholarship to build it. Play a candidate running for Congress and try and win election!

Gimme Props! 2012

Web Interactive, Quiz, 2012 Election

A collaborative project between seven graduate students at U.C. Berkeley. Interactive ballot measure guide built with pixel art, quizzes and other more fun ways to learn about the issues.

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What Will Syria Do? A Fun Time Sink

Unsure what is going to happen if the United States launches cruise missiles at Syria? Do you feel a sense of obligation that we should intervene because chemical weapons were used? Are you afraid of World War III! Fret not, dear friends, for I have a solution. Allow the predicatron to show you what could […]