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Freelance Projects

Since 2009, I’ve freelanced as a writer, photographer and data visualization designer. My work has appeared in publications in Humboldt County, the Bay Area and on websites across the Internet. In 2014, I started developing WordPress websites on the side, along with themes and plugins, some of which can be found in the Web Development […]

Interested Parties

Originally published in the North Coast Journal If the recent campaign finance disclosures for both Eureka and Humboldt County races are any indicator about how high the stakes are in this election, it is clearly evident that a number of special interests locally continue to fervidly pour oodles of cash into the election — a […]

Crumbling Foundations

Originally published in the North Coast Journal A group of about 50 people — Humboldt State University administrators, faculty and staffers on various projects — congregated last Thursday in one of the stadium-seating classrooms in the Natural Resources building. The topic: The possible end of the Sponsored Programs Foundation, a quasi-independent body that administers funds […]


Originally published in the North Coast Journal. Once again, a candidate running for office in Eureka shows how that city’s ward system, in its current form, is flawed and perhaps even irrelevant. Michael Newman, chairman of the Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors and adviser to Shaw and Petersen Insurance, is one of […]