Mission Local

Freelance Projects

Since 2009, I’ve freelanced as a writer, photographer and data visualization designer. My work has appeared in publications in Humboldt County, the Bay Area and on websites across the Internet. In 2014, I started developing WordPress websites on the side, along with themes and plugins, some of which can be found in the Web Development […]

Occupy Coverage

The Occupy Movement defined 2011. In major cities throughout the US, following the wave of revolts in the Middle East and Northern Africa, Americans distraught about the Great Recession, growing economic inequality across the board and the lack of any real action by the federal government to alleviate these issues, particularly holding Wall Street accountable […]

Gimme Props Gets Press!

Gimme Props was late to the game in terms of ballot measure coverage (published the Friday before Election Day), but we got some cool press nonetheless. All of the UC Berkeley J-School hyperlocals published articles about the project. Berkeleyside, a Berkeley-based online news site, published a post and, most epic of all, the local CBS […]

Occupy SF Dismantled by Police Overnight

Originally published on the Mission Loc@l After a tense standoff with protesters at the Occupy SF encampment on Justin Herman Plaza, city officials dismantled the camp early this morning, transforming the six-week-old tent city housing hundreds of people back to its original state in a matter of hours. The much-anticipated raid came after weeks of […]

City Happy with Progress on Occupy SF Camp

Originally published on Mission Local The flannel and V-neck T-shirts of SF Occupiers met the crisp sports jackets and polished dress shoes of city officials in an hour-long meeting Tuesday afternoon that ended with Mayor Ed Lee reassuring the occupiers that “We don’t contemplate needing police action if we are working on addressing these issues.” […]