East Bay Express

Freelance Projects

Since 2009, I’ve freelanced as a writer, photographer and data visualization designer. My work has appeared in publications in Humboldt County, the Bay Area and on websites across the Internet. In 2014, I started developing WordPress websites on the side, along with themes and plugins, some of which can be found in the Web Development […]

Occupy Coverage

The Occupy Movement defined 2011. In major cities throughout the US, following the wave of revolts in the Middle East and Northern Africa, Americans distraught about the Great Recession, growing economic inequality across the board and the lack of any real action by the federal government to alleviate these issues, particularly holding Wall Street accountable […]

Early Adopters: An Analysis of the 2013 Oakland Mayoral Money Hustle

Also published in the East Bay Express If money given to candidates is an indication of how important the 2014 Oakland mayoral race is going to be, then this election is gearing up to be a serious clash of perspectives in how to tackle Oakland’s biggest issues. Check out my data-driven web app showing the […]

Death of Oakland’s Retail Plan

Glenda Barnhart and her partner Clay Wagers dreamed of opening a bicycle shop. In 2008, as the economic meltdown started to spread nationwide, she feared that she would lose her income as a consultant and noticed that a bike shop was for sale around the Valdez Triangle. She took one look at bike shop and walked out. The area also known as Upper Broadway — failing auto dealerships, vacant storefronts, desolation — reinforced the thought it would be a horrible idea to buy that shop.