Web Development

This section contains a selection of websites I’ve built for clients, tools I developed for open source and client use, and other web development projects I’ve been involved with. When not propriety, I host anything I’ve built that is available for open source use on my Github page. Many of the tools I’ve built were modifications and […]

Freelance Projects

Since 2009, I’ve freelanced as a writer, photographer and data visualization designer. My work has appeared in publications in Humboldt County, the Bay Area and on websites across the Internet. In 2014, I started developing WordPress websites on the side, along with themes and plugins, some of which can be found in the Web Development […]

EdSource Projects

This is a collection of noteworthy data visualizations and online projects I created while working at EdSource. Tons of variety here in format, style and development. It was really exciting to have an opportunity at EdSource to experiment with new ideas and approaches to communicating data and complex topic matter related to the education world. Many of these […]

Occupy Coverage

The Occupy Movement defined 2011. In major cities throughout the US, following the wave of revolts in the Middle East and Northern Africa, Americans distraught about the Great Recession, growing economic inequality across the board and the lack of any real action by the federal government to alleviate these issues, particularly holding Wall Street accountable […]

Game Projects

Since the early 2000s, newsrooms have experimented with how to use games to tell journalistic stories. Often referred to as either serious games or newsgames, these experiments ran the gamut of products that incorporated some element of “play” into news, including quizzes, playful interactives and even immersive games. I highly recommend this report written by […]