Trump v California: a boxing-themed policy tracker

There’s a new Trump tracker in town, but this one is focused on the push and pull between Washington and the Golden State.

I worked with CalMatters to develop a product that integrated with their WordPress CMS to track policy developments in Washington that could impact California, as well as the bluster coming from Trump’s mouth. The tracker, built with the assistance of Advanced Custom Fields, has three components: a main status page that allows a user to see the current developments across different topic areas, like marijuana or sanctuary cities; topic-based blogs that keep a timeline of updates for a given topic, and individual updates that operate like WordPress posts.

The product was meant to be less serious, and in that vein we went with a boxing theme in order to describe the different stages of policy conflict between Trump/Washington and California. The animation at the top of the main tracker page was designed by Dan Hubig and animated by myself using CSS and some javascript for triggers. Overall, the product was build with ease of use in mind, allowing reporters and editors to easily modify any aspect of the tracker without intervention by a developer.

You can check out the Trump v California tracker here.