A CA ballot measure guide for the super lazy

In 2012, I worked with a bunch of folk on Gimme Props!, a fun and lighthearted ballot measure guide. It was super fun to work on and, although coming out a few days before election day, people seemed to enjoy it (we were on the local news!).

My wife, Mollie, really loved the guide and asked if I could do something like that again this year for her birthday present. I accepted and, in fact, we decided to collaborate on it together, which was awesome in its own right.

So here is Gimme Props! 2016, something for those of you who are ultra lazy about learning the props but just want something to tell them which way should vote on the props based on a series of questions. If you want a comprehensive guide, go to KQED’s awesome package. If you want a 30 second “vote this way or not” thingie, this is your ticket.