Gimme Props Gets Press!

Gimme Props was late to the game in terms of ballot measure coverage (published the Friday before Election Day), but we got some cool press nonetheless.

All of the UC Berkeley J-School hyperlocals published articles about the project. Berkeleyside, a Berkeley-based online news site, published a post and, most epic of all, the local CBS affiliate did a short TV piece. Slow news day? I don’t care, we GOTZ PRESS!

For a project that was published late in the game with relatively no advance notice, I’m happy with the numbers. Considering we got positive social media response, the main website got about 5,000 views between Friday and Tuesday in the week of Election Day. If we did anything different, it would have been pushing back the deadline a week or so. We¬†originally¬†planned to publish on October 30th, but we didn’t expect the level of bugs that needed to be fixed. We also would have had someone solely dedicated to social media/marketing the projet to build buzz and awareness prior to publication.

All great lessons. Now on to Candidate, my next newsgame project which I will update you all on regularly at my Tumblr blog.