Gimme Props!: An Interactive Way to Explore Ballot Measures

The premise of Gimme Props! was simple: is there a better way to explain the often-complex details of ballot measures in a fun and entertaining way, while also maintaining the integrity of the content matter?

A team of seven UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism students decided to test that premise by building an interactive guide to California’s 2012 ballot measures using data visualization, gamification and conversational tone. The project was my first major multimedia endeavor, particularly in terms of coding a major project.

Gimme Props! was a finalist for the Online News Association award for student projects, a great honor given the innovation behind the project. We certainly took that decision as a nod toward the concept, however more fleshed out it needed to be.

I would love to “reinvent” Gimme Props! for the 2016 ballot, time permitting. We’ll see what comes of it ????