The New Coalition Democrat

The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press has conducted an exhaustive survey every six years since 1987 on the American political landscape called Beyond Red vs. Blue: The Political Typology. The survey seeks to go beyond the nomenclature of liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican; it seeks to identify distinct trends in how people view their government, what their views are on the issues, who they are, and what it is they want. The study outlines nine distinct political groups in American politics today: Staunch Conservatives, Main Street Republicans, Libertarians, Disaffected, Post-Moderns, New Coalition Democrats, Hard-Pressed Democrats, Solid Liberals, and Bystanders.

Today’s graphic explores the New Coalition Democrats — the most racially diverse political group that tends to be poor, less educated, fairly religious, and dwell in the South. The group tends to digest its media via television or radio. Government intervention in the economy in order to protect the environment, or put a rein on Wall Street and other corporate entities is seen as positive. Gun control is strongly favored, more so than any other group. Perhaps die to its diversity, there is also strong support for a path to citizenship for immigrants and policies to promote racial equality. It represents, however, socially conservative views on moral issues like same-sex marriage, homosexuality, and abortion, though not as rigidly as other political groups with strong religious membership.

Tomorrow, I will post the graphic about the Hard-Pressed Democrats political group, the third in the series of predominantly liberal-oriented groups.

PS: If you are interested in using this graphic or downloading it for posterity’s sake, comment below or email me. Also, all information in these graphics are from the Pew Research Center’s study, and the results of the survey can be viewed in full here.